Fanboy Anime

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Anime cartoon charachter

As huge anime fans, we order merchandise we love. We carry a wide variety of titles and items. Our shop plays classic and new season anime. Join us on Friday nights at ten pm for After Hours Anime. We watch and discuss anime, as well as play games.

D&D combat scene
Role Playing Games

RPG's are an amazing way to expand your creativity and explore new worlds. We host both private and open groups. Available open groups:
Tuesday at 5 pm Fairy Tales with a Twist
6:30 pm Seasoned Swashbucklers
Wednesday at 6:30 pm Savage Strahd
1:00 pm Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Thursday at 6:30 pm Star Wars
6:30 pm High Fantasy Homebrew
Saturdays at Noon Family Friendly D&D

Magic the Gathering

>We are passionate about Magic the Gathering. Whether it is hosting a Pre Release event or just a casual game.
Weekly Magic Events:
Monday at 6:30 pm Commander
Friday at 6:30 pm Friday Night Magic
Saturday at 5 pm Mixed Games
Sunday at 5 pm Modern

Contact us:
390 NE Midway Blvd Suites B105-6 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 US

Monday - Saturday: 12 - 10pm
Sunday: 12 - 8pm