The Vile Lord Vader

Harnessing the force to manipulate others into believing he's the cutest creature this side of the Galactic reach. Careful, because once he has control, you are helpless to his demands of sitting in your lap, and slipping him extra treats under the table. You'll catch him destroying your most beloved shoes, but be powerless to become angry with him. Even baby Yoda stands no chance against this villian.

Theories of this new Vaders origins are a mystery, but some evidence points to what most consider an abomination. Cloning from two seperate hosts in an attempt to create a more perfect being. The uncanny resemblances and both strength and knowledge of the force has led some to belive the genetic sources was Yoda and his once ally the first Darth Vader. Any attempts to search into his past has led to untimely demises. The New Republic has lost many agents trying to gain information each of whom turned on their former master's joining forces with this growing menace.

The hidden War

A surge of reports from across the quadrant are indicating a civil disturbance like we've never seen before. this level of unrest usually has some motivation behnd it. As of yer no leader or group has made claims for what's happening and local authorities are treating them as isolated incedence. Odd is that the combatants generally knew each other and were often considered close friends or allies.